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The Linear Heritage of Women
     If you feel that you are a gifted young lady or woman than the book The Linear Heritage of Women is a must read. By gifted I mean if you have a strong 6th sense, can see or hear the dead, can commune with nature, have guardian spirits or practice Midwifery or Wicca.
     As a child you were probably told to denounce these gifts as childish imaginations or even conversing with the devil. Your parents, teachers and spiritual adults steered you away from these unique womanly attributes using intimidation and punishment.
     The book The Linear Heritage of Women tells you otherwise. It tells you to embrace and practice these gifts to understand your powers as a woman.  These powers were given to you because you are a woman, and therefore, much closer to nature than men are because of the unique gift of having babies – the best gift of all and the one that carries on the human heritage of life itself.  The Linear Heritage of Women will explain why this heritage is important and how you as a woman continue to contribute to this human legacy.
Here is a free excerpt from chapter one.
Excerpt from Chapter 1
      Consciousness is an abstract subject since it is something that can’t be seen, touched, tasted, heard or smelled. None of our five senses can be used to detect its existence, and yet we know that it is real and does exist. We can sense consciousness in living humans, animals, plants or insects but what is it exactly that we sense and what sense are we using? When we view a newly dead human body, that hasn’t died from a horrible accident, you can immediately recognize that something is missing but what is that something? The freshly dead organs, heart and brain are still capable of functioning but have stopped for some unknown reason. Many patients who are clinically dead are kept “alive” artificially every day in today’s modern hospitals in hopes of some miraculous recovery but conscious-wise they are dead, and if they are organ donors the parts that are harvested continue to live without them.  
     There is no denying that consciousness exists since we can observe proof of it every day. When we communicate with one another aren’t we are using a consciousness that is unique to each person? When we play with a pet aren’t we both using our singular consciousnesses that are interacting with one another? So to deny the existence of consciousness is to deny the existence of life itself. This tells you that life and consciousness go hand in hand, thus the term LifeConscious. We propose that life itself has a consciousness; therefore, the something that is missing in a dead body is its LifeConscious. 
     That we are dealing with a duality of mind or consciousness is obvious when faced with this question:
     When you ask yourself a question in your own mind, who is answering?
     Well obviously your personal consciousness is asking the question while a second consciousness is answering (two minds).
     You’ve never realized it before now, but you are actually feeling the struggle between two consciousnesses trying to gain control of the same mind and body. The first of these two consciousnesses is your own unique personal consciousness, and the second is life’s own consciousness and what we now call LifeConscious. Both can at times conflict with one another for control of your body. More detail on the differences of these consciousnesses is discussed in Chapter 3, but here is a brief introduction.
     Your personal consciousness is the real you that communicates to the world. It contains all of your experiences, educations, likes and dislikes. Your other consciousness (LifeConscious) controls all the living functions of your body, but works primarily in the background of your personal consciousness. Before your tiny infant body could develop a personal consciousness, your LifeConscious controlled all of your life sustaining functions and instincts. As you grew older, your personal consciousness took over the day to day planning of your activities while your LifeConscious still maintained your living bodily activities.
     As the personal consciousness grows stronger and more dominant, it wants to stay in control at all times−even during those “Ladies Days” or pregnancy−when it is clearly incapable of doing so. This is because the personal consciousness is not intended to control bodily functions. LifeConscious controls all life sustaining functions, including menstrual cycles, PMS, sex drive and pregnancy. Therefore, your personal consciousness conflicts with your very own LifeConscious hence the duality or conflict of minds.
     How can this be proven? Try to purposefully control your own heart rate, or digest a meal, or your liver functions by using your personal consciousness. You will find that it’s impossible to try to keep up with all the body’s functions while trying to participate in everyday life – much less control them while sleeping. It’s been said that it is easier to control a jumbo jet airplane with your personal consciousness then it is to maintain your own liver functions. 
        Anyone is welcome to contact us with any questions or comments about their experiences as a woman and we will be more than happy to help anyone that is struggling. Being a woman is never easy and is seldom understood. We are here to help - no matter where you come from, what religious background you are, or what lifestyle you have chosen.
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Have you ever wondered why women are the way they are? Perhaps strange things have happened to you that you cannot explain. Do you sometimes feel like no one understands you - even your husband, sisters, or mother? This may be because a lot of women have forgotten who they are. They turn to the media, superficial individuals, doctors, professors, and hard-core feminists to dictate how a woman should look, behave, and carry herself in society and at home.
        How many of us have seen gorgeous women on TV and wondered why we can't look like them? What about the times of the month we when we feel terrible and our husbands turn away from us because they are "freaked-out" by our "outrageous" behavior? We watch television shows all the time that portray us as crazy individuals that have no control over our emotions and are just raging hormones that are out to seize power in the workplace and in the home.
        But, are we really like that? I think the answer is no. It's not that we want to rule to world and take over the men. On the contrary, I believe that we need men very much - but not in the way that you probably think. I have spoken with many feminists that believe men are out to get us and that we have to be "superwomen" - acting and behaving more like men so that they will bow to us and respect our authority. When in reality, that is not what is best for us.
        Why do you think many men do not understand us? Is it because they are ignorant, insensitive, and incapable of understand our needs? No, but it is important that we educate men on how we think and how our brains work as compared to theirs. Also, we must understand how their minds work and be more aware of how we communicate to men. It is only through clear communication practices with men that we will understand them better and gain more of their admiration and respect.
        For example, how do we expect to gain men's respect when we go around exploiting ourselves sexually? When we do this, we are tapping into a side of the man's brain that is non-responsive to anything else but sex. He is not thinking about anything else. He will not listen to anything that you are saying except what is on your body. Men's minds are very one-tracked. They cannot multi-task well and do not express themselves emotionally - in general. We must accept this as women and keep this in mind when interacting with men.
        On the other hand, men must also be aware that women are very much attached to nature - much more so than they are. This is a beautiful gift that is handed down to us from mother to daughter through the forces of LifeConscious. Because of our ability to have children, we are the carriers of LifeConscious and all the innate memories of our human species. Although this is a gift we alone possess, it also comes with consequences - some of them good and some of them bad. For instance, some of us have very difficult menstrual cycles, difficult pregnancies, severe headaches, more aches and pains, and many more cases of depression and mental illness. As we mention in our book, these trials are noted throughout history and recognized in many cultures as Satan, demonic possession, multiple personality disorder, and practices of witchcraft, to name a few.
        There has always been a mystery shrouded around women and the special gifts that only they seem to possess. Why is it that some of us may see things as children that we often forget about as adults (such as people that have passed away, angels, voices of animals, etc.), while these incidents are not as common with boys. Why do we sometimes think that we are crazy when we see different faces in the mirror occasionally, sense when things are going to happen before they happen, or have "gut" feelings about a person before you even meet them? As you will read in our book, these abilities are not from the Devil or anything else to be afraid of or stay away from. These abilities are gifts that are a part of you that are passed down from generation to generation. Perhaps many of you may not want to admit it, but most (if not all) of these things have happened to you at one time in your life or another. Maybe you've forgotten about these gifts because as a child, you were taught to believe that they were not real - that these were imaginary fantasies only.
        In The Linear Heritage of Women, we will explain why these abilities occur in women. We will talk about how these special gifts became so prominent in women and why they have been repressed more and more throughout the centuries. We will talk about how we believe many women are misdiagnosed for psychological illnesses when they are simply exhibiting their naturally given abilities - just with a severe lack of control over them. We give encouragement for being who you are and not being afraid to go with your feelings and that there is nothing wrong with you. Men can also read our book and better understand why women are the way they are. We hope that men can learn some things and be able to better communicate with the women in their lives. We want them to appreciate the struggles and trials that women have gone through over the centuries. At the same time, we want women to feel comfortable with who they are and not feel like they need to compete with men in the home or out in the world. Men and women are like apples and oranges. We both grow on trees, but we are a totally different fruit. We must learn to accept that we come from different trees and learn to grow together with similar seeds sown.
        Anyone is welcome to contact us with any questions or comments about their experiences as a woman and we will be more than happy to help anyone that is struggling. Being a woman is never easy and is seldom understood. We are here to help - not matter where you come from, what religious background you are, or what lifestyle you have chosen.