If you sense that you are a gifted young lady or woman than this book The Linear Heritage of Women is a must read. By gifted I mean if you have a strong 6th sense, can see or hear the dead, can commune with nature, have guardian spirits or practice Midwifery or even Wicca.

As a child you were probably told to denounce these gifts as childish imaginations or that you were conversing with the devil. Your parents, teachers and spiritual leaders steered you away from these unique womanly attributes using intimidation and punishment.

This book The Linear Heritage of Women tells you otherwise. It tells you to embrace and practice these gifts to understand your powers as a woman.  These powers were given to you because you are a woman, and therefore, much closer to nature than men are because of the unique gift of having babies – the best gift of all and the one that carries on the human heritage of life itself.  The Linear Heritage of Women will explain why this heritage is important and how you as a woman and continue to contribute to this human legacy.

We are each born with two consciousnesses. The first is the one that you are most familiar with since it is your own personal consciousness that you’ve slowly develop during your life. This is the consciousness that you project to the public that is made up of your education and experiences both good and bad. It is that part of you that IS you. That part of you that your parents gave a name to at birth.

Your second consciousness is completely unfamiliar to you since it is controlled by nature for it manages all of you life sustaining functions in the background such as your heart rate, digestion, respiration, movement and programmed responses to inexperienced situations such as fight or flight, falling and even procreation. This second consciousness has now got a name and I call it LifeConscious.

Lifeconscious is an alternate way of viewing the mechanisms and workings of life. Evolutionism and Creationism have too many unanswered questions that the book LifeConscious has answered.

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