An alternative theory to Creationism and Evolution

Here you will find information about our published books LifeConscious and The Linear Heritage of Women.

What is LifeConscious?
It is a new way of looking at the way that life really works. First of all life can’t come from inanimate or non living matter or robotics. Life has to come from something that is already alive which means that life is a linear organism. You were born from your mother, who was born from her mother, who was born from her mother, etc. all the way back to the first spark of life. Whether you believe this initial spark came from the word of a deity (creationism) or from a tepid pool of water (evolution). It doesn’t matter, it is only important for you to realize that Life is a Linear Organism.

Since life is a linear organism then we know that other things besides the spark of life are transferred to the fetus during and after its formation and birth. Things that scientist call instinct, the collective subconscious, DNA induced traits, phobias, and even allergies. But how can all of these things be transferred to a fetus during its formation? Just as any person can contract a cold, flu or the measles from another person simply by being near them so can these traits be passed from mother’s to their young by using a carrier that all living beings cannot live without and that carrier is water.

Water is essential for all living creatures for without it we would perish. We are all water creatures because we are mainly made up of water and because of this water has no taste to us. All mammals’ wombs and eggs are proof of the primordial seas that life once came from but water has another fascinating trait and that is that it can retain memory.
Any search on the web for memory and water will come up with scientific proof of this special trait. Even now there are scientists who are trying to develop ways to use water molecules as miniature memory storage devices, devices so small that one the size of an iPod could contain enough music to play for years without repeating a tune.

The book LifeConscious will show how your mother’s memories were transferred to you when you were still in her womb. It will show that water is the carrier of this memory and where this memory is stored. These memories that are transferred contain programmed instinctual reflexes, survival reflexes, sexual stimulations from odors, etc.
This isn’t all that LifeConscious does for it also controls your living bodily functions such as your heart rate, digestion, respiration, glandular and liver excretions but also procreation. All of these activities are done in the background so your own personal consciousness doesn’t even have to bother with these functions. Who among us can control their liver functions using their personal consciousness anyway and, by the way, what is you personal consciousness?
Your personal consciousness is that part of your brain that is storing all of your experiences (good or bad), education, faces, voices that have become your own unique personality; your psyche if you will. This is the consciousness that you have built your entire life and the consciousness that everyone around you communicates with.

The book The Linear Heritage of Women focuses more on the interactions between these two consciousnesses and how this conflict of dual minds affects women.

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